Please help with DATA/TENTCOLR


I’m just a completely new for VCMI project and this forum too.
I’d just installed VCMI for Ubuntu with apt-get command.
Before running, I’d imported Heroes3 data with vcmibuilder.

But when running, have an error:
Resource with name DATA/TENTCOLR and type TEXT wasn’t found.

Please help me to resolv this issue. Also Client log is attached.

VCMI_Client_log.txt (5.74 KB)

What version of H3 you’re using? VCMI needs Shadow of Death or Complete edition (any edition with SoD data to be precise).

Native version of Heroes III: RoE made by Loki is not supported. And this is unlikely to change.

Thanks for quick answer.

I’m using H3 from Loki. So, I will go and buy SoD edition.

I’m really glad to get your help.

Out of curiosity - why is that? Is it all about not existing items (like discussed somewhere around possibility of disabling certain things like factions or artifacts), which are hardcoded, or something more sophisticated?

Mostly due to not present data. Factions and artifacts are most well-known examples but not the most difficult ones to disable:

  • rmg configuration (templates and such)
  • combinational artifacts also need some “common data” added in SoD
  • multiple other texts like aforementioned tent colors (needed for border guars/keymaster tents)

Theoretically it is possible to support RoE but this needs quite a lot of work and may cause issues with mods (e.g. mod that adds combinational art) or with multiplayer (RoE owner won’t be able to play with SoD owner)

On the other hand - most of H3 fans already have SoD (even on Linux side of things) so situations like this are quite rare.