Please help me!

I made a vcmi mod yesterday.The mod allows me to upgrade Efreet Suldan to Efreet Monarch.Then I want to add a building to recruit Efreet Monarchs.But I failed.Though I built the building, I cannot recruit Efreet Monarchs.
Please forgive my poor English


Your archive is broken and not opens. Seems like it’s some EXE file renamed to zip.

So I have to upload again
Efreet (238 KB)

If you want to add new upgrade to dwelling 42, you must use number 42+7=49
You used 44, it’s upgrade to level 1 - 37+7

Get corrected file in attachment.
Efreet (240 KB)

thank you very much :mrgreen:


In directory Content/sprites:

  • rename HALLINFE.json HALLINFR.json - this will fix broken icon
  • remove cprsmall.json and TWCRPORT.json files- they are no longer needed.

Thank you! FR-FE :imp: Please forgive my bad eyes!
I have fixed the problem.But my method is set up a new HALLINFR.def.It is too complicated.
And then I can release the mod or not?
Efreet (224 KB)

Er, I downloaded preserve 2.0b mod with the help of my friend(Maybe my friend had revised it).But when I installed the mod, there was some error:
1.PLEASE Look at the picture

Maybe you placed wrong screenshot? I see no error :open_mouth:

There is a problem in icon graphics, but that’s the issue of mod author, not engine.

The small pictures at lower right is blue(Usually they are transparent)

Then how to fix it?

Blue colour must be (0,255,255) (RGB). And icons must be saved as 8-bit bmp.

I want to merge 3 preserve-mod to one.I work hard but finally I failed.Who can tell me why? (15.3 MB)

For some reason, the VCMI launcher doesn’t work when I put your mod into Mods folder. I get this error:

Assertion failed: mod.isObject<>, file .\modManager\cmodmanager.cpp, line 88

But why?

We shall see. I’m looking at the mod, it has a lot of syntax errors, like many missing commas where they’re needed. I will try to fix it, and see if it will work.

How did you merge these 3 mods? What did you do?

It is hard to expression because of my poor English.I merge them like cove

Okay, I still understand you, don’t worry about that. :slight_smile:

Did you encounter the same error when you try to start the VCMI launcher?

I can’t even download the preserve mod from the wiki! It asks for a premium speedyshare account. Where did you get this mod from? And why do you want to merge it if it already works properly in 0.93?

I won’t be at home with my computer for at at least 2 hours, but when I get back I will try to fix the mod completely. :slight_smile:

It’s weird because there’s a comma missing on every few rows. There are a lot of errors like that.

And the efreet monarch mod works properly now?