Playing the vcm1 game

Don,t know much about this version so I said, what the hell, why not give it a try. The graphic is good, high resolution but it make me sad that only from in game can be set it up. Not this is the problem… the problem consist in the crash of the game.
Here is the log created, when I tried to conquer a new town it just crashed.


Zip file contains:

  • VCMI_client.exe_crashinfo.dmp
  • VCMI_Client_log.txt
  • ZVSLib1.dll_Errors.log

Attachment (zip file, no password required):

Virustotal scan:

Hope this information was helpful and hope that I didn’t made some problems with my post.

Helps much appreciated!

  • Bubu

PS: The wog 3.58f itself working fine for me, never had problems and I usually create new random maps, but this time I used the map that the VCM1 included

It is a known issue witj 0.91 build.
Sorry for inconvenience, I want to release fixed builds soon.

Sorry to answer so late, but looks like I didn’t got e-mail about this reply to my post.
Ok my friend, then I (we) will wait for the new version.

Much appreciated the answer.