OS X - VCMI runs once, crashes on further starts

Hi, Im a great fan of HOMM and have been running it through wine for some time. I wanted to try WOG thru VCMI.

First I installed the ready package and got the thing running, started first scenario, clicked around and made sure it works.

Then I changed the resolution and switched fullscreen on. Then I quit the game to restart it, but it never came back up.

  1. Where are settings stored so I could manually change resolution/fulscreen to make it run?
  2. Can I somehow help with bug reporting to make the thing work on Mac?

i’m not sure how it is for mac user but under linux is in /home//.vcmi
try to find something similar and delete it :wink:
hope i help :slight_smile:

Hi. Sorry for such a late response. VCMI respects OS X conventions and settings are stored in “~/Library/Application Support/vcmi”.

Thanks, that solved the problem.