Objects given H3 functionality

I think it would be great if more objects are given their H3 functionality, such as Trading Posts (and maybe Schools of Magic and Schools of War), in the next development release! :smiley:

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The main feature I’m working on for the next version is artifact support. Nevertheless a few new objects will be supported. Scholar is ready. Schools of Magic/War can be added, all necessary components are already implemented so it isn’t so much work. Trading Post is bit more complex, it won’t be probably supported in the next release.

Yes it would be great to have H3 artifacts functional in VCMI. :smiley:

(And apart from being 1000 gold per hero rather than free, the Schools of War and Magic are of similar functionality to the Arena. :slight_smile:)

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Currently I’ve done support for artifacts giving bonuses to primary skills, morale/luck, hero movement, stack speed, sight radious, mana regeneration and generating resources.
By the release it’ll be more, though still not all artifacts will be supported. It’ll be probably as with objects - with further releases number of supported artifacts will be systematically increased.

We already have window for selecting between skills (or other things), we have yes/no dialogs but we haven’t done support for selection yes/no dialogs. Hopefully it will be done soon :slight_smile:

What is the english name of Fortress building which permenently increases defense for the visitng hero?

Cage of Warlords The Cage of Warlords increases the Defense strength of any visiting hero by +1.

The attachment is the file with original english descriptions for all special buildings(it’s from h3bitmap.lod)