Nullkiller AI

@ val-gaav Hi. May be it will useful Hire.rar (1009 KB) (a purple player)

My version was downloaded in May 1st.

Can confirm. However the error is not critical. AI probably wants to something with chains or has a goal but ends up without ability to hire hero. Then it resumes and does other things, so I would guess it is more like a warning then error. Anyway it is very alike to the msg when AI tries to hire units from dwellings but has no space on hero for them.

This doesn’t happen when hero limit is set to two. Anyway I looked around AI code and ended up not finding the part that might be the problem.

Some problems are still exist in Nullkiller AI.

  1. Time costing in AI turns. AI often costs a long time to fight with neutral creatures. And it is hard to play a big map with many players. VCAI cost only a little time in this action even if it is stupid.
  2. AI doesn’t build mage guilds and some other buildings. If mage guild is not the condition of dwellings, AI will never build it. And some new buildings like ToW are also ignored by AI, even some buildings are banned in map, they still don’t build another(like Angel and Paladin).
  3. AI seldom defends the town. Sometimes they run away from a town even my troops is very close here.

Do you mean that battle takes bigger amount of time? This is strange because it is the same Battle AI.

Did you still work for AI? I asked some friends to collect their views for VCAI, it might have no ‘bool’ to decide recruit activities, but it builds every day. I have already set a large amount of resources for each AI player, so it needn’t take care of costs. I am still a learner in C++ language, so I can read some of codes but cannot alter them.

So, did you think it can made some conditions in recruit activities? I am pretty sure that AI is to a large extent the factor of popularity. I have asked for some friends, they supposed large map is still popular in HoMM3, but VCAI supports. From a viewpoint of entertainment, they don’t need a very strong AI. However, if you still make effort for Nullkiller AI, I am also glad to see it better.

Nullkiller and other devs are sitting at slack. It’s better to join vcmi channel there and chat with them.

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I think I will get back t NK AI and try to find a way to make it simpler and faster but not sure when this will happen

Thanks for your response, I found every turn AI will use vcmieagles to reveal the map, it might cost more time to read whole map and it would be the main reason, especially in a large map. And it also crashes in any random map.

Probably mods.