No terrain on generated maps

I downloaded the latest nightly build I could find (f8c294a) updated to “VCMI essential files 1.01” and installed a few new towns. But when I generate a random map it has to trees, mountains, or any other terrain features. It’s just a flap map.

More details? which mods were active? On which random map generator settings flat map is generated?

The mods I have active is

  • Horn of the Abyss 1.3.11
  • VCMI essential files 1.01
  • Pavilion Town 2.6
  • Northerners 1.3.1
  • Death Valley 1.00
  • Asylum Town 1.05

I have tried with

  • 4 players, XL, Underground
  • 4 players, XL, No underground
  • 3 players, XL, Underground
  • 3 players, XL, No underground
  • 2 players, M, Underground
  • 2 players, M, No underground
  • 2 players, S, Underground
  • 2 players, S, No underground

Every time the map ends up looking like this

So I looked over my mods and found out it was “Pavilion Town 2.6”’ submod which caused it, but they had a fix, which I downloaded and installed, so now the maps are generating properly.

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