New Towns

I’ ve given an idea how to support new towns via old Map Editor (it was on polish board of the forum)

Admins agreed the idea, but they give strong requirement: We must Complete all the materials for town (graphics, config) then they make it possible to use

I give one proposal of new town with existing creatures but i have rather no graphics yet, but rest of us (and probably You the one) may give independent projects of towns

the way i described to support new towns via old editor is really simple: we mark “random town” by replaced def, and the game on start checks if any of "random town"s has the marker, then check if it’s in decode list, then if it’s there replace with valid new town

my proposal of new town on polish board you can translate it via google

I would really like to see a Sea creatures town. Also an improved version of the WoG Neutral Town (those messengers are lame; and it was a bad idea to change the Rust Dragon from 750 to 300 Health, only to make it a creature in there).