New town

I think there isn’t a lot of towns in game and town mods, so I will start creating one right now and I have an idea for 3-4 creatures for now.

This is an idea for now. I need 2 more creatures, any ideas?

There is Dragon Peek town in ERA Mods, that fits your idea.

Thank you for reply. It is like my idea but I will continue with my work. Progress is very good for now. And Azure Dragons cost 10 000 gold and 5 mercury + their upgrade will be human form.

I need help with making puzzle. It’s confusing :slight_smile:

Noone makes puzzles. Just take standard puzzles.

PS I made self-made puzzle template in Paint.NET to use it in new factions. But it’s not classic and don’t think many will like it except me.

Well Cove town has puzzle but ok. Then I will try to make Rampart puzzle for my town.

This is early version of Azure Dragon Human form

and this is town screen background

This is how it should look like.

Castle’s angle is too different, looks like it falls.
Maybe take Conflux castle?

Or make Castle smaller and place it in center, on distant mountain foot (under brown cave)