[New Town Mod] Refugee


@misiokles The buildings costs are Cathedral’s mod vanilla values (I didn’t changed anything yet), but I remember having the same issue with mercury. If nobody’s interested in working on the building costs then I might do it soon.

About balancing, most of the town’s units are GROUND/MELEE and are kind of slow so that’s why I decided to add abilities to few creatures but yeah, that might’ve been too much lol. Some creatures are from WoG and I just kept their abilities while changing their stats but I didn’t thought of modifying abilities. Here’s a list of the units and their abilities:

Units abilities
  • Level 1 (Nrm): -
  • Level 1 (Upg): Visions (Map skill)
  • Level 2 (Nrm): -
  • Level 2 (Upg): Sand Walker (Map skill)
  • Level 3 (Nrm): Shoot, NoPenalty (Distance & Melee)
  • Level 3 (Upg): +Ranged retaliation
  • Level 4 (Nrm): Flying, Shoot, Cast(Disease/Weakness)
  • Level 4 (Upg): Shoot, Casts (x6 spells, random)
  • Level 5 (Nrm): Non-living, MagicRes(85%)
  • Level 5 (Upg): Non-living, MagicRes(95%)
  • Level 6 (Nrm): Fireshield, Dragon Breath, Immunity(Fire)
  • Level 6 (Upg): +Immunity(Mind), DeathStare
  • Level 7 (Nrm): Teleports, Immunity(Mind), CastsAfterAttack50% (Sorrow/Misfortune), SelfMorale, Fearless
  • Level 7 (Upg): +Fear

Then we could remove some abilities that might be “too much”:

  • Lvl3 Unit: Sharpshooter (Nrm) won’t have the ‘NoPenaltyMelee’ ability and Sharpshooter (Upg) will no longer be able to perform ‘RangedRetaliation’.
  • Lvl6 Unit: No more Dragon Breath.
  • Lvl7 Unit: No more Self morale.

@zerg Are you familiar with H3 sprites creation? Is there a way you could work on a new upgrade for Nomads and/or rogues? I’m not entirely satisfied with the actual units roster of the town and if we could replace peasants & boars that would be cool!


I’m busy a bit with this right now

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hats off sir :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


if you need these files tell i will give


I really like your idea of having a gold/diamond-colored tubes for the dwelling to fits with the town’s creatures. There are few errors that will need to be fixed (as seen below) but it still looks way better than what I did !

The next step after completing the town screen would be to work on adding some animations to it. The Tower’s Golem Factory has animations sprites that we could reuse. Is there a way you could also work on this?

Tower-GolemFactory-sprites.rar (234,0 Ko)

By the way, here is the last-to-date WIP town screen. The missing buildings are: Grail, Horde(1) and 3 Specials buildings. Also, I have made the ressources costs and unlocking tree and it’s already implemented in the mod.

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easier to redo the def that is used in the cityDef.7z (56.2 KB)
i can make any of them as you need




I used your files for the making of the Town’s Golem Factory but I wasn’t able to take the diamond part because it didn’t mixed well with the rest of the town screen. As you can see below, I made the animations with Photoshop and I put them in the composition.

I made animations for Dwelling(6) as well and I’m gonna work on Dwelling(7) right now.


the most important thing that helped you

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Yeah that was helpful! The Golem Factory looks way better know thanks to you!

Though, any idea of how to import the visuals into the game precisely? I’ll obviously need to export every set of buildings in PNG but I saw that some files have several pictures in it (is it for the hall screen?).

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Animation in heroes3 are stored in .def files. There’s tool for easy making defs, but defs don’t support png files only bmp, with 8-bit colours and cyan background. For animations in png you must create fake def and override it wih json containing list of animation files.


What is the news?

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It had started fast and cool… Is it already dead?


Sorry guys, I’m actually working with my band on our album so the project is actually in hiatus. Though, I plan to finish this mod someday (and potentially work on others later), I didn’t forgot.

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I’m working again on this project since last week and I’ve made a lot of progress. I will soon release the v0.2 with a detailed changelog and announce what I’ll be working on for the v0.3. The update should come within the next days!

If there’s any new suggestions/feedbacks about my mod, please tell me so I can work on them for the upcoming release.


It would be great if you will release both night and day town versions.


See the changelog below to know more about the upcoming release (v0.2) and the following release (v0.3). Changelog is also available in a .txt file within the mod. Have fun!

Download link: Refugee Town (v0.2)

Refugee Town - changelog (v0.2):

  1. Town:
  • NEW TOWN SCREEN ! (Cathedral’s town screen replaced with original town screen).
  • Edited buildings’ ressources costs, unlocking tree & names (Cathedral -> Refugee).
  • Renamed buildings’ names (Cathedral -> Refugee).

  • Remastered town’s theme.
  • Edited Creatures portraits & background to fit the new Town screen.
  • Edited in-game Mage Guild background to fit the new Town screen.

  • Edited various game icons to fit the new Town screen.
  • New buildings: Grail, Special1.
  • Animated building: Grail, LVL6Upg., LVL7, LVL7Upg.
  1. New spells :
  • Namburbi : Summon Gold golems (expert = Diamond golems).
  • Gottesbriefe : Reduce LUCK & MORALE of targeted enemy (expert = all enemy units).
  1. Heroes:
  • Replaced Keyvan’s specialty with a new one (Skill = Resistance).
  • Replaced Shayan’s specialty with a new one (Skill = New spell Namburbi).
  1. Units :
  • LVL7 Unit will no longer have the ability to cast Sorrow & Misfortune after attack (with 50% chance each). Instead, it will now have the ability to cast Gottesbriefe after attack (with 30% chance).

Also, it will now have the ability to cast Curse before attack (with 10% chance). Stats change (Nrm/Upg): Nerfed attack (-5ATK), Buffed defense (+4/3DEF) and Damage changed from 30-40 to 25-45.

  • LVL3 Unit : removed “Ranged retaliation” and “No wall” abilities. The ability “no melee penalty” will no longer apply to unupgraded units. Reduced speed (7 -> 5).
  1. Misc. :
  • Fixed .JSON files syntax errors and optimized their codes.
  • Improved heroes’ specialties and other icons.


  • Townscreen animation: Fix GRAIL animation artefacts, import Dwelling 5 animation & improve Dwelling 7 animation.
  • Puzzle section (visuals are not created yet).
  • Siege section (visuals are not created yet).
  • Heroes battle & map models.

  • More new spells? Add new artefacts?
  • Add/make those buildings work: SPECIAL2, SPECIAL3, HORDE1, HORDE2 (features unsupported with VCMI right now).
  • Heroes specialty tooltips (Areman, Mahyar, Mithra, Keyvan & Shayan). I don’t know how it works though.
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@Macron1 I’ll save this idea for later. The actual town screen might change over the futures releases and I will work on an alternate version once it will be in its final phase.

Also, someone on HeroesCommunity forum told me his game crash whenever he’s using the new spell “Namburbi”. Do you guys encounter the same issue?

By the way, I recommend using these mods in addition to my mod:

  • Unlucky Ones: Negative luck mod, enables this option and makes game more suited for this feature. This new mechanic will work well with the new spell “Gottesbriefe”.

  • VCMI essential files (v1.01): Updating your VCMI essential files will add several missing abilities’ graphics (just delete and replace the “vcmi” folder with this one in the “mods” folder).

Hordes are supported


@Macron1 I didn’t knew that, thanks for the info. They don’t seems to work with my VCMI build (21/07/2019). Gonna update right now