New town idea

Since quite long there was idea crossing my mind of very specyfic town… At this point I want to ask your opinion on the idea and if you like it then i’m asking for help in creating it. I have no skills in creating any graphics, defs etc. but I could make some pencil drawings also i’m thinking that some real photos could be used for basis of some graphics. Also I want this town to be kind of example of whta can be done with VCMI. So here is the deal:

  1. Town wthout any magic, yet ballanced.
  2. Heroes would be split into defensive(25% attack 75% deffence on lv up) and offensive instead of fighting na magical. They can not learn any magic skills on thier own, but they can learn spells if they visit magic guild. If possible should start with 0 knowledge and -1 power.
  3. Instead of magic guild 5 level university (each one should cost as much as lv 1 magic guild) with 1-5 random skills to learn for 2k gold out of:
    offence, armourer, archery, ballistics, tactics, artillery, logistics, leadership, diplomacy, estates, pathfinding. (this is the first hard part but showing capabilities of VCMI; in not possible bulding like magic school of conflux)
  4. In appearance tow would be asian-like with domination of Japanese motives.
  5. Town screen should have Mt. Fuji like part but could also have Chinese mogotes.
  6. Castle and city hall can be based on
  7. Units:
    • 7lv White dragons more ore less like : … 0CCwQsAQed dweeeling coult be on Mt. Fuji-like part
    • 6lv horseman archers (high speed, low defence, avg HP and attack)
    • 5lv mele samurai (high attack, avg defense, 5%golem type magic ressistance, 7-8 speed)
    • 4lv ninjas (if possible invisible until first attack) if possible short ranged 1/2dmg shuriken attack available instead of mele attack. No retaliation. (fast, low def and HP)
    • 3lv Ashigaru (infantry) with Yumi (assymetric bows)
    • 2lv Ashigaru (infantry) with Yari/Naginatas (kind of pole weapons)
    • 1lv Asian kind of peasantry, you know with round hats ans sticks

Additional skill for hereoes of this town only:
Insensitivity - Golem type resistance 10% basic, 20% adv, 30% master
Since there is no magic in this town heroes should have quite big chance of getting both this skill and Resistance.

Possible heroes starting stats:

  1. Offensive:
    a) adv Archery, spec. lv3 units, 4/2/0/0
    b) adv Offence, spec offence, 6/0/0/0
    c) b. Logistics, b. Pathfinding, spec logistics, 3/3/0/0
    d) b. Leadership, b. Armouer, spec, lv 2 units, 4/2/0/0
    e) b. Archery, b. Tactics, spec lv 6 unit, 3/3/0/0
    f) b. Offence, b. Leadership, spec lv 4 unit 6/0/0/0
    g) b. Armourer, b. Logistics, spec lv 5 unit, 3/3/0/0
    h) b. Luck, b. Learning, spec lv 1 unit, 4/2/0/0
  2. Defensive:
    a) adv Armourer, spec armourer, 0/6/0/0
    b) b. Diplomacy, b. Estates, spec 350 gold, 2/4/0/0
    c) b. Resistance, b. Insensitivity, spec insensitivity (+1%/2lv), 1/5/0/0
    d) adv Estates, spec ore and wood +1, 0/6/0/0
    e) b. Resistance, b. Insensitivity, spec resistance, 1/5/0/0
    f) adv. Scounting, spec Scounting (+1 vision/5lv rounded up), 0/6/0/0
    g) adv. Artilery, spec city towers working as balista (if possible), 0/6/0/0
    h) b. Insensitivity, b Armourer, spec lv 3 units 2/4/0/0

So what do you think? Would you like to help making this kind of town? Obviously all above can be discussed.

People who wake up a morning with a new town idea are hundreds. If you don’t come with a few creatures already done, or some buildings done at least, nobody will take you seriously.

Because that is the critical part.

I guess so, but if someone who have the skills to make creatures find the idea nice, why wouldn’t he try helping? Anyway I will make some sketches when I will find more time.

The answer is simple: if someone has the skill the make creatures he has already 1000 personal projects queued, then it has been contacted by long time established teams also. See yourself: we know how to make new towns since 2006 or so. But only 2 towns made it, with full creatures, HoTA and Grove. VCMI is also struggling to find graphical artists.

But then you can also use creatures from other games, there are more than 500 extracted in H3 format. is only when you seek for original ones that the thing becomes critical.