New town earth

new modified earth city, new update. best azure dragons

Nice concept … I really like the Turtlefrogs :).

But left me wondering… What makes this faction stand out from the rest?
An unique 3rd upgrade
An unique alternate dwelling
An unique building like Inferno’s Castle Gate
An unique mechanism like Necromancy or runes in H5

Nice concept. Just the Azure Dragons, well, does not really fit. Rust Dragons may be better.
I don’t think that it needs something that makes this faction stand out from the rest. Overpowering the own creation is one of the biggest problems when creating a new town. But what it needs is some “theme” for the faction.

Like, f.ex., Castle is built around Leadership. Rampart is build around Luck, Resistance and Archery (not the best concept, to many focuses littered around), Fortress is built around Defense, Stronghold around Attack. And so on. Something that makes the faction unique, but not necessarily more powerful.

All in all very promising. I’ll try it as soon as it is translated.