New Test Mods: Heroes and Artifacts

Here is a link to my new artifacts and heroes that I created while finding out how to reverse-engineer other people’s mods:

New things include:

Left-handed sidesword that increases attack
Multiple armors that improve defense (for some reason all the armor in heroes 3 improves magic power)
Several joke items and heroes included for testing purposes, including The Funk artifact, and Hank Hill, Beavis, and Butthead heroes.

Most of the thematic content is a joke and exists for testing purposes. Also, the artwork is placeholder. A few assets are usable, but most of them are terrible. What this means is that I don’t need anybody pointing out how bad things look.

The mods were created using other people’s mods as a template.

I forgot to explain these points:
I want people to test my mod for bugs and playability and let me know things like whether it crashes (it doesn’t for me), whether the artifacts are OP, whether there are graphical glitches, etc. I plan to make more serious mods in the future and I need to know these things.

Everything seems to be ok. Few notices…

  • Some hero specialties use old specialy format. It’s ok, not generating bugs, but better to rewrite them ino new format. Formulas can be found here:
  • artifact defs should have pink shadows. There’s option to make defs in def maker.
  • I don’t know if Darnell’s Crossbow increases 25% or 63% bonus.

But your things generally work. Modding vcmi is cool, right? Good luck with your next works!

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Thanks. I’ll update the formats and add shadows. Yeah, modding VCMI is super fun. Really easy too.