New stron town: Fields!

I want to introduce you to a new very strong city: Fields!


I sugest to rename it to Kolhoz.:sunglasses:

How about to make growth increase with layer?

I have to write more posts due to stupid spam filter

Sounds like you would want the firebrand skill… :joy:

only peasants? no cows, no shepherds, no guarding dogs, no horse wagons, no village bards, no golems made of agricultural machines, no living crops?
maybe some magic and stuff from Horde game…

Nercomancers like your town first!

I think the alignment should be designed as these:

  1. peasants – militias
  2. muttons – goats
  3. donkeys – mules
  4. swines – hogs
  5. cows – cattles
  6. hawks – eagles
  7. turkeys – cassowaries