New Spell Water Shield

There is a fire, air and earth shield in the game and each has its own function, but there is no Water shield to reduce the attacks of flying units. Here I created a shield for water magic that reduces DMG before attacks from flying units.I also made this ball for bulk use.
or the massive Water Shield.

var1 mass Water Shield

​Var 2 massive effect

I’m making more spells, when I’m done I’ll give a download link.

Good idea! But consider using transparent png files for better visuals!

png? ok try it thx

Yeah, you can check Baba Yaga’s Depletion spell in Axolotl Creature Pack for reference.

how do i cancel the turquoise background in the spell box? I have it with some pixels and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

In vcmi you don’t need cyan backgroud. You can also add alpha channel and delete ‘cyan pixels’ completely and save picture as .png