New mod: Phoenix As a dream

Story(Machine Translation)

Cultivation of a Fire Element

Little Fire is an ordinary Fire Element on the continent of Antagarich, a mere level 4 soldier who dreams of possessing the power of a Phoenix or even a Sacred Phoenix. He often wonders why, despite being born from flames like the fiery birds, he is just cannon fodder in the city of elements, while the Phoenixes shine brightly as main forces.

He trained diligently for decades, and finally, there was a slight loosening in his cultivation bottleneck. His power became uncontrollable, circulating through his meridians, and he eventually broke through, becoming an Energy Element.

Given his talent, becoming an Energy Element was already his limit. Until one day, he met a magician from outside the continent of Antaris in Brudalak.

This magician effortlessly helped him break through his cultivation bottleneck, advancing him across two major realms, turning him into a Hot Flame Element and then a Golden Sun Element. Traces of solar power began to form within Little Fire, elevating him to a level 6 soldier.

Little Fire felt that the Golden Sun power within him seemed to originate from the distant East. He often heard the magician speak of Eastern legends about the golden crow, and he firmly believed that one day he too could transform into a bird like the golden crow.

After bidding farewell to the magician, he embarked on an adventure to the East and, by chance, acquired a treasure.

Realizing that his current level of cultivation was insufficient to wield this treasure, Little Fire sought out the magician again for help.

“Isn’t this the artifact I hid while touring the continents? You’ve found it!” The magician said with a slight smile, using the artifact’s power to help Little Fire advance.

Little Fire finally cultivated into a Firebird. He was delighted and continued his breakthrough towards the realms of the Phoenix and the Sacred Phoenix.

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English and Chinese are supported in this mod.

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