New Magic System IDEA

as a big fan of might and magic and heroes,
i’ve planned a new magic system
based on MM6,MM7,MM8 H3 and H4
here comes:

… to me it seems that one dispel is easier to remember / manage than all the little cures you propose. The spell-book is loaded already like it is so one dispel that fits all sounds more manageable.

As for creature growth spell… that could be a nice spell. If restricted in some way… like make it level 4+ or make it cost tons of mana, or make it SP dependent.

It’s will be better, if you simply attach file to your post.
4shared requires registration.

People older than 90 should not mess with complicate things, is bad for health and incomprehensible to others.

ok, here is the online file

view air and view earth fusioned in wizard eye
Spells IDEA.rar (10.1 KB)

It is a much more complex system what you are proposing. I think it would be better suited to heroes 7, or a heavy h3 mod that remakes the skill system aswel to look more like h5 (some of the spells you propose could be moved to secondary skills)