New login security measures

Last days we have received many complaints regarding bots trying to break into your accounts and causing forum security mechanism to temporarily (for 40 min) block the account. Attacks come from many different IPs.

To ensure that your accounts are safe and keep bots from triggering blocking mechanism, we introduce a CAPTCHA check for logging in. It’s very simple, basically the same as used for registration and posting without registration. You just have to type “VCMI” to the new field in the login form. It should do the trick, until better solution is implemented.

I’m sorry for inconvenience but that’s certainly better that being bombarded with mails about failed login attempts.

If you encounter any difficulties accessing your forum account, please write me (tow AT vcmi DOT eu).

Can’t register. CAPTCHA don’t show pictures.
Tested on chromium and firefox, so seems like a forum problem.
Can you check it?

There are no pictures. Read carefully.

Sorry, my mistake.

[size=92]Just curious, did you post the above with chromium or firefox? Because the forum shows it as safari, so we might need some further fine tuning of the browser recognition. :p[/size]