New "Infectious" Town in the works

So I’ve been working hard on making these guys and the town so far.
I want to make the sprites faithful to the game and it would be great to hear some criticisms!

lv.2 Monster: Harvestlings/Reaplings

lv.3 Monster: Vorryn Archer/Vorryn Commander

lv.4 Monster: Coleoptera/Blattodea

lv.6 Monster: Scorpion Troop/Scorpion Queen



(Note: This is overlapping the “Covenant” mod by Kegolo, Boose and Zeryss)

Hm… weird :slight_smile: I feel weird seeing creatures and no seeing eyes and mouths :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway - there were better projects and worse. If animations will be good, not shaking - project will be nice. Just nice. But personally I like weirdness! About backgroud - too dark…

I really like where this is going!, If you join us on slack we’d be more than happy to help you with your project! We have several people in our custom town chat working on many projects.

That is something I should put into consideration actually. I didn’t realize how many don’t have actual faces. The rest will have those features for as many as I can add, for this mod is meant to be a “humanoid-insect” town. Thank you for the feedback!

As for the town itself, many things are wrong with it, but luminescence was not one I had in mind. Thank you!

I put a download link to the actual mod itself, but note that it’s overlapped with another pre-existing mod that I used for a skeleton.

That sounds awesome! I’d like to work on the project alone, but a little help would be great too! …The town background and everything else in the town is such a pain to render and it doesn’t look “heroes 3” enough.
How do I chat with you guys?

To chat sign up to - actually I think your forum sign-up should automatically create a slack account these days.

Regarding feedback, I think the background in the portraits is too distracting, something more plain would be better. And yes, I’d probably go with more faces. :wink:

Yeah, once you sign up let me know and i’ll invite you to the towns chat we have going. We help each other out with graphics and jsons and such. We love reviving old dead town projects too hehe.

Make it a Lava based town and I can totally see me wanting to add it to my ubertown mod map project!!!

I don’t know if you’re still working on this or not but i have been updating the graphics on covenant and this mod kept conflicting with it as it was the base for yours. there is a link to yours with all references for covenant changed to infectious so that they can load up together with no errors. Hopefully i saved you some time with the massive amount of renaming haha. Please do more work on it as i like the direction of this town!

you can join me on slack regarding json files