New heroes hd version came out

For anyone who cares :wink:

Would you please post a link to your information source? Google didn’t turn up anything official-looking for me, just some mods.

I just saw in their homepage that the last link changed from 3.28f to 3.35f

Granted, it looks like a minor release.

edit: you thought it was a new game? Nooooo - it’s a exec hack of heroes 3

Hah, my mistake, you were talking about the mod :unamused:. I had just been browsing Steam and saw an official HD re-release of Age of Empires II, and thought you were talking about something similar.


Thanks i30817. Somehow I never tried it before. It looks (and feels) great. VCMI should definitely support most of its features on the long term, either by default or somehow as a mod.

It makes playing OH3 somewhat easier, more pleasant, which is good because I barely opened the game the last years. When I did, it was always just for double checking how something works as compared to VCMI, but it’s years since I actually played a scenario or campaign (other than under VCMI). Now I’m more motivated to do it. And I might even need it - just in case I start to forget how something worked. :slight_smile:

Everybody asks about HD mod, but the right thing to do is to ask HD mod AUTHORS for help. if they want to share their work and collaborate for porting HD mod to VCMI. It doesn’t make much sense to duplicate someone’s work when they don’t want it.

The main thing to me is the right side pane that uses all available space to show more buttons. The ‘obscure’ shortcuts i don’t even know about, much less use, though i imagine that WoG is much worse about that (i can’t actually play wog or era, they won’t work on wine, probably because of being made of horrible horrible hacks)

Well, those horrible, horrible hacks worked until we had time and resources to actually remake the game.

I really do not understand this “dance” with different modding teams. No matter what the background for these “tensions” is, I do not see players profiting from these standoffs.

Besides, the main purpose of HD mod was to have hings in … well HD. You have that already in VCMI, so I do not see the big issue with adding a couple of minor improvements like 2-3 buttons and keyboard shortcuts too make the game more enjoyable. see this thread for some sugestions.