New having a problem with where to put the homm3 data

I installed vcmi on my linux box, and everything seems to work. Though whenever I click on start game, it complains that I did not install my homm3 data in the correct location, I basically did what the wiki suggested, but that does not work.

I installed the flatpak version it seems to be 0.99
any help is much appreciated as I find this whole project very exciting, I always liked homm3 though I haven’t played so much but the amount of content available here is simply staggering.

Any help is appreciated, thanks

Unfortunately I’m not exactly familiar with flatpak’s so I’ll have to try and guess a few things…

I assume that you’ve copied H3 files into directory
Meaning that you’ve ended up with directory structure like this:


If this does not works then try moving data one level further into
In this case your directory structure will have to look like this:


If this won’t help either then try running… this command I think. And post its output here.
flatpak run eu.vcmi.VCMI --command="vcmiclient --version"
This should show you list of directories that vcmi is looking for, including “game data” and “user data” directories which vcmi check for H3 files.

I will try this, thanks.

and I am happy to report that this totally worked, thanks :slight_smile:

So what was the correct location for H3 data for flatpak?

Yeah, when I put the data in data/vcmi it loaded it fine, though it did not actually start the game, I can get to start a scenario selecting towns and such, but when I try to start it closes. But I will try to see what I can figure out what to do.

You may try checking vcmi logs which should be in
Judging from description - vcmiserver crashed.
If you upload logs here I can check them out.