New happy user (maybe dev?)

Hello, new user here. Thanks for this project, HOMM 3 is one of my favorite games with StarCraft and Freeciv, and under Linux the Loki version became painful. Can’t run it otherwise than 800x600, have to close xscreensaver, this is one of the last thing which made me leave my system in 32 bits, and if ever a song is on pause:

% heroes3
Couldn’t open audio: Couldn’t open /dev/dsp1: No such file or directory

Apart from these inconveniences, sooner or later something critical will break and it will require a vm… better off use wine at this point. So thanks, VCMI is a nice thing :slight_smile:

I plan to contribute. I havn’t write much in C ++ since my studies, well it’s an occasion to get back to it. I compiled the develop branch and I came across some problems, I would make bug reports when I find the time.


If you feel so jump on our slack and we can help you with setting build environment and / or learning code base!

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