Need update HOTA

I think this mod need to update to new 1.7.0

Hello, I have already done the demo version of Factory town in VCMI.
However, duplicating hota 1.7 is not the priorty of VCMI team, I cannot make some further update for this, because I still need some support for new creatures’ abilities and new mechanisms (like recruit Couatls and Dreadnoughts at the same time, without sharing their productions).

I designed the substitute ability for sandworms but I still need demon summoning to be fixed.

Thank you. I will look forward to your new updates, although I need to understand why my phone does not display the font.

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any news?

Isn’t daemon summoning already working ? What’s the issue with it ?

At the moment there is a mod with version 1.6.37

I believe the idea for Qouatls and Dreadnaughts can be imitated with portal mechanics of Dungeon.

Or at least that’s the start in my opinion.