Need some help with modding

Lately i have been working on my own castle in VCMI. I’ve done graphics and when i was heading to programming, i realized that i forgot to do tavern and blacksmith :sweat_smile:. So i thought that i will use my 2 horde buildings for it, but i also realized that i need these buildings to buff my creatures. So there’s go a question: Can i assign horde’s buildings function to a tavern, or a blacksmith (or to other buildings), but that they won’t lose their function?

Rather not. Horde buildings have hardcoded “id” and those ids tell the same that building works as ‘horde’. Tavern and blacksmith have their own hardcoded ids.
One more thing - special buildings are not working in vcmi yet :frowning:

But, could I make that e.g. blacksmith (or, e.g. upgraded dwelling) increases population of unit? It doesn’t need to be identified by horde. It is possible to make that some buildings make me e.g. gold each day, so i thought that this would be possible :frowning:

Nooo, customizing hardcoded building is almost impossible (except giving resource) - definitelly it’s better to add tavern/blacmisth graphics to the townscreen.

Ohhhhh, i am too lazy to do thatttt, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:.

I’m curious about your castle, could you show us?

Of cause you can. You can make horde with empty animation and area, border, and make it requare tavern or blacksmith, and add “auto”:true to it in building section. When you buy tavern or blacksmith, it will be built automatically and will work as invisible horde.

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OMG, i didn’t thought about that. Thank you very match!
And i can send here some screenshots :slight_smile:

It’s not so good, but i will be changing a lot of things, like marketplace and library, and some of background.


looks interesting but needs more sharpness of colors

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