My VCMI Mods fixed collection

Hello everybody, all VCMI gamer friends.
I’ve made Chinese translation for VCMI for years, now the platform updated to charming 1.4, so I’ve fixed plenty of bugs for these new-worked mods.
I like WoG a lot so I added a lot of wogify stackExp to all towns’ creatures.
I fixed all commanders’ data, now all the commanders’ origin data are the same with the origin 9 towns.(Especially the ruins town, I created independent commander .json docs for it.)
I fixed the translation bugs that caused we can’t see the translated words in the game. (Especially WoG, hota, and tow.)
I fixed creatures’ map amounts that didn’t fit the creatures’ level.
I modified a few towns for this update. Those are origin Covenant town and origin retreat town. And I modified the Grove’s groveguard and grovekeeper, because the Grove’s creatures’ speed are too slow, in the old versions the groveguard’s speed is 10.
All the changes are written in the mod.json docs.
Wish you like my work. And wish you a happy new year. :slight_smile:


I uploaded (almost) everything! I hope I didin’t mess anything :slight_smile: You did enormous work! Thank you very much! Happy New Year!

Thank you for loving my work, I’m quite happy to have such an amazing platform contributed by you all on Heroes3. :smiley: And I’ve completed the Chinese translation for hota’s maps then.
hota maps

not bad, only some monster models and bonus descriptions have been updated Covenant

I personally already did the stackExperience and Commander stats fix for the upcoming version of my mod, but thanks nonetheless. You did great to the community

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