My new town

hi i also started creating my own cities and i think a new orc city. BlackCitadel town looks good. of course the units are not created by me but everything else is. so far these files are not yet embedded in the game, I am still creating the necessary pbm and def, but only inspiration here, how it will look when it is finished. your opinions?

it’s not embedded in the game yet. I don’t have everything ready yet, when it is I’ll show you how it looks. If necessary, I will give a download link.

It’s hard to say something more at this stage. Line-up seems to be Stronghold 2.0, only 5th lvl raider looks out-of place. But as you know, it’s difficult to gather, unoccupied, ready to use creatures from the net. But keep trying! Modding VCMI (creating and seeing results in the game) is fun as hell!

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