My collection of fixes and spices for mods

Greetings everybody! I decided for the first time to share my work, which I constantly do but do not publish. Time to correct this misunderstanding! So here’s what’s in this package:

  1. Now unfinished buildings are useful and additional bonus from the grail for some towns, it includes towns such as - Cove, Factory, Coartyard, Forge, Abyss

  2. Minor fixes and aesthetic fixes, this includes replacing the sprites of fairies from Fairies town with dragonets, replacing thaumaturges with enchanter retextures, changing the sound of steps and the walking animation speed of Bone Giants, changing Coatls from TOW to Amphiters.

  3. Replacement of portraits from the original game with portraits of fuibax and liquidValor, be sure to check out the works of the authors!

  4. Replacing “outdated” portraits from the grove with portraits from the Internet. Should I delete this, right?

  5. Music fixes and alternative themes for: Pavilion town, Stardust terrain, Tartarus town, Death Valley town, Abyss music fix and Asylum no opera version.

  6. All this disgrace is modular, so if you are partially outraged by the quality of the content, you can partially use parts of this mod! Yay!

Criticism, objection, suggestion are all welcome!


1.02: Fix lazy in mods - Bone Giant animation fix, Fairy Alternative 1lvl, Refugee Alternative 6lvl-1A, Rename TOW Couatl, fix bassboosted death valley track, add mods - Asylum Rename Nightmares and Death Valley Alt Statue

1.01: Fix large dragonets icons

1.0: Initial release

Download here.


Again Changelog:

1.05: Fixes crash in Useful Buildings - Cove, Forge and Contryard, lazy but works, added volume for deadland music

1.04: Structured all mods for convenience, add mods: Iceland Ambience Music, Heather Thicket Alt Music, Alternative music for FoG, Deadland Normalized Music

1.03: Fix dragonets sound

It will take me some time to test your mod, but it’s good candidate to add to repository! Goor work!

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Thank you, I’m really very flattered! If any corrections are needed, I will definitely make them.