Mushroom Kingdom Town?

I recently got back into heroes and have been searching the internet for a nintendo heroes cross over but it appears that I am the only one interested in something like this lol would any one on here like to play that? or is this just my own stupid fantasy, I would take the time to make it my self but I have absolutely no clue on what to do so maybe, just maybe someone on here likes my idea and makes a crack at it! well probably not but its worth puttin it out there just in case! Maybe a nintendo town with like all the main characters from smash bros or some shit. The cross overs interest me and the covenent town is interesting so atleast I have that to keep me busy

Would be cool, so get started :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is literally everything you need to make a good heroes 3 town. Just gotta flex your 3d and photoshop muscles hehe or develop them. I’m sure if you dug around the site you may find more mario stuff.

there is even better quality stuff in the wii and wiiu gamecube sections