Does multiplayer work? I’d like to play through Gameranger.

Currently multiplayer works only through ingame “new game->multiplayer->host game”

I tried to play thorugh this way with my friend, but it didn’t work for us. Basicily, we didn’t know what port to use. We tried to use the default one, and my friend also googled some which is “typical” and “often used”. We failed in both attempts.
Moreover, we were using the same internet at his home, so we tried to use local as well. It didn’t work at this time too.

Maybe we failed on player list? Does the host need to type all player names taking part in playing? Does player joing to the host must do the same, or just type his name?

I don’t need to mention we had excatly the same builds, with the very same mods (I copied all my mods on pendrive).

Did apper there new methods after three years? Like hamachi, gameranger, etc?

Multiplayer is not implemented yet :frowning:

Ok, but… Dydzio wrote 3 years ago, that muliplayer is possible. I am confused.

Port should be 3030. I have not tried multiplayer using network yet. Hot seat works. You could try to host game and use port 3030 and IP of host when connecting second client. I expect you need to specify all human players. You and your friend should be in the same local network or somebody needs publicly visible IP address.

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