Multiplayer Mode on Android

I want to code up a multiplayer mode for VCMI homm3 on Android. However, I don’t want to waste my time porting the VCMI to android, since somebody already managed to do that. Is it possible for someone to share the source code of the ported version or at least point me in the right direction?

Much obliged.

Didn’t notice the android repo, thanks!

Will keep you posted, if I manage to do any work on multiplayer

VCMI does have multiplayer working and only thing really missing is loading screen (loading is possible with command line options), LAN discovery and some online multiplayer infrastructure.

If you don’t want your effort wasted please join our slack:

We’ll help you with code and share some thoughts on how it’s must be implemented. Basically we need to rework all non-multiplayer “PreGame” code to use same server-side “lobby” that multiplayer mode currently using because otherwise it’s all much harder to maintain.