Moving missing features list to bugtracker

Sure. I’ll make a list, and we’ll see then where they go (as not all may qualify as “engine features”).

[size=75]The earliest I may have time for it is Saturday, otherwise (more likely) next week.[/size]

One issue about Mantis. When we click on screenshot attached to an issue, it is automaticlaly downloaded. IMO it would be better it it opened in new window, for example, as now it just makes mess on a disk and doesn’t help much in navigating issues.

I’m not sure if this is supported in Mantis. If you know how to set it, let me know, and I’ll do that.


  1. Images are displayed in-line if they’re small enough
  2. If you right-click on the image preview and do an open image on a new tab (chrome at least) you get to see the image
  3. Mantis doesn’t intend to fix this issue, at least for now


That’s unfortunate. Still, thanks for info.