More then 8 player

hi, is there any mod or game extension that allows more than 8 colors of factions on 1 map? i mean more than 8 players or computers. unfortunately the maximum is 8 players on 1 map. and there are a lot of modified cities. if I consider the vcmi editor, it is possible to create a very large map where more than 20 cities could easily fit. colors are red, blue green, brown. orange, turquoise pink purple. is there any mod where it is possible to play with even more ai or computer players? thanks in advance for the answers. :wink:

While in general we do not link to maximum number of players too much still I think there is a lot of such code. Moreover it might be hard to define colors in a way that they are different from others. You can have one AI operate a few towns instead?

[email protected] and is there a way to set the game for more than 8 colored players or computers? there are many cities. and few players. or if there is a mod that allows it.

No, there is no such mod possible.

It’s already been proposed and it’s diffficult - not only we would need new colors and flags images for players, but also there’s no space in many GUI windows to fit them.