[MOD] Extend Monolith Two Way to 100

VCMI 0.99 support 100 Monoliths Two Way for RMG. But SOD only contains 8 monoliths. When RMG run out of 8 monoliths, it will use 1st looply. That will cause a problem in some XL RMG template which containers a lot of zones and connections. One monolith will be use 4, 6, 8 or more times. If a heroes enter this monolith, he will be transmited to a random zone. For
example, zone 1 and zone 2 connected with monolith 1, zone 11 and zone 12 also connected with monolith 1, The hero enter zone 1 will be transmited 1/3PR to zone2, 1/3PR to zone 11 and 1/3PR to zone 12. That will be a disaster in some case, I have generate a map which put 1st monolith for 16 times and 14 times for each other monolith. That is unplayable.

This mod is to sovle this problem. it base on Macron1’s work in Issue 3085. Since I do not kown how to make a beautiful def file. It use some materials collected from other mod(WOG, HOTA) by Archer30 and some materials made by planetavril1. This mod now impove 8~42th monoliths in a diffrent appearance, while 43~100 use same def file (distinguish by a number in its name) . The effect is as below:

If you have some materials or want to make some materials, please send it to me. I will upgrade them in next version of this mod. Thank you!

Mod download link:

monolith2way_en.zip (353.8 KB)


In hota mod (https://www.mediafire.com/file/mc74orhrmmpax6w/hota_v1.3.6.zip/file) thera are also dozend new two-way monolits. I don’t know if these two mods will be compatible because they share the same indexes…

If I copy all the hota monoliths in my mod, and keep the same index point to same object. Can it be conflict?

We must check :slight_smile:

works quite adequately

I change the index of hota part, now it works well with hota mod. Now the number of monoliths with a unique def extend to 41.

new mod:
monolith2way_en.zip (353.8 KB)

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you can replace the water portals with these?
portal.7z (216.5 KB)

my monoliths.rar (252,6 KB)


Thank you for your materials. But all the two way materials are used before.

Thanks a lot. I will soon update.

I think zerrys wanted to say not to use portals made for water terrain.

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OK, I will replace it with other.

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I replace all the water monoliths.



monolith2way_en.zip (353.8 KB)

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I finish it. I have used all two way materials. One way material may make user confuse, so I do not use them.