Mixed neutral armies generation

What throught about mixed neutrals is better?

  • Neutral mixed armies indicated by sign on most strong creature map animation
  • Neutral mixed armies look like tent with gray flag
  • Neutral mixed armies look like standing still neutral hero (animation of hero is of the same faction as monsters or random if heroes for faction are not present)
  • Neutral hero which can move and attack at some radius
  • Don’t like idea

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DF2 users are discussing neutral groups placement.
It’s about generating some amount of neutral armies with more than one type of same faction units on map.
Earlier I suggested this idea here also.
The discussion is about form of distinguishing these armies on map.

  1. place some icon or flag on creature map animation showing there are more types of units
  2. Use neutral hero animation (standing still) (but I think if it can be made like moving troops in WOG, it will be more good.
    What do you think?
    I think it’s good idea for VCMI to add option to generate mixed troops.
    For example, shooters + melee units, or melee units + flyiers.
    I think 5-10% of map neutral armies can be replaced by mixed troops (only those which are not set in editor strictly.

Well, it has to look good and feel original and be functional. I am not sure, but maybe the strongest monster on the adventure map with some sort of subtle indication of a mixed group. Maybe a tiny tent(s) and - or - a campfire. It could be a pretty cool mod for VCMI. I love small simple mods that you can add and also mix with other simple mods. So you can design your own game, so to say.

But I think that good and evil creatures shouldn’t be mixed, though. Not even from different towns. But that could be a tweak-able thing.