Missing portraits of heroes, crashes when entering battle


As the topic says, portraits of heroes are missing everywhere ingame.

I have: Windows 7,
H3 Complete [from GoG],
VCMI 0.98g,
Installed only Wog mod from vcmi launcher.

Everything is working, only those heroes icons are gone and i quess this is somehow responsible for game crashing when i’m entering into battle.

In VCMI_Client_log only errors that occurs looks something like this:

601256 ERROR global [1914] - GetImage error: Request for frame not present in CAnimation! File name: PORTRAITSSMALL Group: 0 Frame: 126

I just found this projects so forgive me for being noob. I was looking for solution for the last several hours and now i feel stupid. Can anyone help me out with this?

What if you disable WOG?

Had this issue with .98f. Solution: install regular .98, then install .98g after that again

This shouldn’t happen, probably some config files were lost after 0.98.

Disabling WOG doesn’t help. I’ll try Tooandorisu solution. Thanks for the replies.

Say if it works or not

In launcher there’a a yellow exclamation mark at VCMI essential files (version 0.98g) and user can click Update button to update files. Wrong! Updating files that way causes lots of errors like missing portraits or totally messed creature windows.

I had exactly this problem! After re-installing VCMI it went away, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Yep. Just reinstalled it and voila, problem went away. I still get the
Error: campaign movies was not found!
Error: campaign music was not found!

errors but apparently those don’t actually cause any problem… (I’m running Heroes III complete, NOT GoG version… had this game a long time what can I say :smiley: )

I installed 0.99 from Ubuntu Linux multiverse repository, and in my case reinstall did not help, I am still missing the hero portraits in game. I also deleted ~/.local/share/vcmi/, no effect