Missing/Blue textures


Running VCMI on my raspberry pi 4 (raspbian buster lite). Game performance is really good but I am getting a strange issue where some backgrounds during battle are missing/blue. Any thoughts on what might be the issue?


Sometimes I encounter a similar issue on PC but it’s always with this battlefield object and never encountered a glitch this big.

Since the color is correct (Cyan #00FFFF), I’d say that during export, those battlefield’s object are missing a special color parameter (implying we’re talking about .DEF files). Do you know if those battlefield objects are from a mod or from vanilla h3?



I’ve noticed this seems to be an issue with compiling on Linux. Don’t remember this ever being a problem when I was running Ubuntu and playing from daily repository. And it’s not occurring on Windows daily builds. I’m running Arch now and getting the same thing. It seems it has problems recognizing cyan as “transparent” when the image is saved with indexed color palette instead of RGB. The biggest eyesores for me have come from mods, so recently I’ve started resaving every asset that caused this as normal 8bit RBG files (whether it’s BMP or PNG, they both cause the issue for me if not set to RGB).

Not all battle decorations are DEFs. In fact, the one from OP is a bitmap from vanilla H3 game data. When you can do, is extract all these assets from H3bitmap.lod (their filenames begin with OB), convert them to 8bit RBG via Photoshop or Gimp, and then create a new mod with them (or replace them in game files).

Hope this helps a bit.


How would I go about extracting a .lod file? Is there some software you would recommend?


Only for windows. MM Archive: https://grayface.github.io/wog/#MMArchive


If needed, MM Archive works ok in Linux too, with Wine.


Thanks this worked perfectly!