Minor MSYS2 build issues

Since the wiki only mentions MSVC, I understand MSYS2 isn’t really supported, however there are MinGW-specific settings in CMakeLists.txt (also, it works), so I thought I’d request a few changes, however minor they may be.

  1. bcrypt is only linked when using MSVC, but MinGW needs it too (CMakeLists.txt, line 159).
  2. Google Test cannot be built under Windows, at least, I never managed to build it in any project. Please, consider disabling it for windows (or just MSYS2?).
  3. There is no FuzzyLite in the MSYS2 repo. Please, consider enabling FORCE_BUNDLED_FL by default for MSYS2 (AI/CMakeLists.txt, line 5).

I also could not build with ERM enabled, however, judging by this page, it is dead. Can you, please, confirm?

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