Memory leak problem exists

Last year I mentioned this but I can see it still here, even with 8G storage I cannot get a frequent running.
That’s a big problem and I hope it can be fixed.

I can hardly play a big map with many cities!

A large storage zone is occupied by this game and it contributes to crash!
Hard to continue…

Create bugreport on bugtracker
And add save

I have already reported it.

The memory leak is related to the town screen. Every time you open a town screen, some memory does not get released after closing it or after switching to the next town screen. The more towns the map has, the faster you run out of memory.

After saving and restarting the game, memory consumption is normal again.

So it means that mods are ok, problem is with memory leaks…

Well, it does not necessarily mean that mods are o.k. :slight_smile: It means that the mods are not the reason (cause) for this memory leak. But mods could have other problems.

I habe found this bug since last year. If it could be fixed we would get a frequent game running. Of course there are still other bugs, but we need to go one step at a time.

Yes :slight_smile: On small maps it won’t ever happen. You have only a few towns and you finish the map quite early. But if you have e very large map, you might get 20 towns or more, and each round you try to build in every town, so to finish such a map you have to save and restart quite often.

I did a long time test for VCMI and I also find it’s hard for running while in a big map. Many bugs on AI pathfinding are fixed, but memory leak still be a big problem even urgent. I wish it could be fixed as soon as possible, that’s very important for each player!

Well, i got used to run top (for windows, the equivalent would be the task manager) in parallel to vcmi. Each time memory consumption gets over 80%, i save the game, quit, restart and load.

It’s a nuisance. But at least i get through this way :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure about this, but i think this memory leak has to do with some processes (threads?) started, but not ended. I saw the number of processes increase the same time as the memory consumption increased, when opening many town screens.

I am also not sure about the bug, but I am sure running threads only occuipied about 37MB for memory.
Most memories are occupied by GUI usage.

Fixed. So far 1 more known large memory leak left, each battle with actual battlefield initialization leaks memory.
UPDATE: Last detected problem solved as well.

Thanks a lot, I will try!

Me too :slight_smile:
Where can i get it?