Map bigger than 144 in the editor

HI i am new to this proyect. I thought installing VCMI i could remove the map limits of 144x144. But seems that i cannot create it or if I download a map bigger than 144 gives me fatal error.

Please help me. I love creating maps and 144x144 is kind of a limitation because i have many friends and we usually are a lot of players in the map.

Check this thread:

RMG can also create maps of any size, but there is no interface yet to enable it.

The link is not working, maybe because is from 2010. If you can please give me a working link^^

Aso is not supose that wog editor can open or create more than 144?

Thanks for the fast answer. Love the VCMI proyect.

(also sorry for one more question. I am playing with my brother a custom map up to WOG expansion. Is okey to download Horn Of The Abyss? I have read they are not compatible. But you offer that in the VCMI launcher.

I’ve found a dirty way to play XXL+ map in VCMI.
All we need is XXL patch for SoD or ERA.

  1. Using this patch generate huge random map.
  2. Copy generated map from SoD/ERA’s random_maps folder to VCMI’s maps folder
  3. Open this map in VCMI map editor
  4. Add to this map something small on a ground, for example a tile of wood.
  5. Save this map in vcmi map format (without putting anything on the map, save is impossible).
  6. You can play such map in VCMI. It is located ant the end of map list under ALL button.

I don’t really know such maps are playable to the end. And techncially it’s SoD map, so many objects (including new towns) from the mods won’t appear on such maps (except artifacts). And starting fractions are not selecteable as well. But - it is possible to play even 256x256 map. Example of such map (180x180) in attachment. Random Map_180x180.vmap (369.1 KB)