Map auto reveal after first turn


I’m not sure if it’s a bug or some debugging-like option that is left turned on for VCMI when compiled from source from Github (aka not stable builds). After getting into the game everything is as it should be, I can see only as much as I and allies reveal. The moment I hit the turn end, whole map becomes revealed in full.

Thank you in advance and have a good day.

Kiiro Yakumo

EDIT - Ah I forgot, currently I have build roughly from 10.05.2023 so rather recent.

I guess you play in a team with Nullkiller AI, it always reveals map for itself

I’ve checked and indeed Nullkiller AI is default option and was used for the game. I have forced VCAI for new game and on RoE map it doesn’t reveal map while on SoD map it crashes for some reason. Nevertheless the map reveal problem has been solved. Thank you for help.

just be aware that VCAI is kinda worse than NKAI, I wouldn’t recommend using it

Yeah I recall vaguely entry in changelog that Nullkiller AI is pretty well constructed in doing its job, but playing with full map revealed, especially while playing as Tower fraction which can do that only after getting the Grail. If there would be some way to turn off the auto-reveal map in Nullkiller AI then it would be getting two birds with one stone or something along those lines.

Just do not play with AI allies.