Mantis vs Github

I’m sure you’ll get more people writing directly to the issue tracker if you migrate to github issues. They do have an API for that.

I also found this, a mantis to github migrator.

People of Github community do not much apart from compiling VCMI on all platforms in existence, seem not very interested in gameplay. I would rather aim at 100K players who have installed Android port and got active on Manis over last week.

This doesn’t make any sense, you are comparing apples and planets here: android users, some of whom might bother registering to mantis vs existing github userbase.

And if 100K players can register to a no-name mantis on some obscure site, they sure would register to github. In fact, it is much more likely.

Oh, since you’ve brought up Android; unlike your mantis, github has an app which allows people to get notifications for their issues and other niceties.

To put is clear: people on Github do not test the game. Players do.

I’m sorry, but most of feedback from Github so far was help in compilation. Random people do not contribute to gameplay or bugfixes. Those who do will register on Mantis (and board) anyway.

Also, I’m tired to pull requests with compilation fixes that actually break something else. These do not move project forward, but consume time. What we need and what players are interested in in feature-rich and bug-free game, not a port for some exotic OS.

Mantis send email notifications too.

GitHub issue tracker is good tool if you want to use it for your library, but for the game it’s pretty bad. E.g it’s don’t even support file attachments.

Facts so far:

  1. You’ve been telling people to submit bugs to Mantis
  2. If they’re posted on forums, goto 1.
  3. You have disabled issues for vcmi on github!
    And you’re saying that “most of feedback from Github so far was help in compilation”. Seriously?
    Moreover, you deluded yourself into thinking that people who play games with use your no-name mantis and not use github.

Reality checkpoint: people who play your game report bugs wherever the issue tracker is.
Reality checkpoint: nothing whatsoever suggests that if you tell people to report bugs on github instead of mantis, they will say “eeew, no way, I can’t report issues on github, it has to be your no-name mantis!” --something that you pulled out of nowhere.
Reality checkpoint: yes, you will also get compilation-related issues, in addition, if it is an issue. doesn’t make it a non-issue. People just label them “build” and live on.

I have nothing more to say over this blatant nonsense.
Clearly, this is not a matter of clever reasoning, this is just a matter of unintelligent lazy authority.

Make sure to put that in the announcement for the next release. I’m sure it will help you save time in the future.


Yeah, I’m sure that’s everyone wants: seeing automated mails in their mailbox.

“Github is good for a library but bad for games” where did you pull that off? There are many games on github using github’s issue tracker, some bigger and older than vcmi.
What kind of attachments are we talking about? You can attach images in github. And you can put text within the issue body. I’m pretty sure this covers more than 99% of attachments on mantis.

There is small number of people who don’t use email, but number of guys who don’t use github is obviously bigger. Personally I’m rarely use email, but still find that it’s a lot better to see notifications here rather than specific websites.

Pretty sure there is some very active programmers who open github more often than email, but doubt there is so many of them.

Can you please give links to those games that “bigger and older than vcmi”?
There not that much open source games I play, but not many of them use Github and those that use usually have dedicated bug tracking software even if they using GitHub for code hosting: 0 A.D (trac), OpenMW (Redmine), Battle for Wesnoth (gna), Spring RTS (mantis). Only exception would be TeeWorlds.

As far as I see at moment most of attachments on VCMI BT is game saves and full logs that usually are larger than 500KB of text. Unfortunately you can’t just ask players to find important information in log on their own because most of them likely have no idea what they have look for.

Personally I’m participated several closed source game development projects before that use mantis and other bug tracking software internally for their purposes. So I just find mantis features set a lot more suitable for the game development than what GitHub provide.

OpenRA. Some newer ones are Unknown Horizons, Frogatto. Not to mention that many hunderds of other games and game engines on github use github issues just fine. Go find links yourself.

For such large text, people use gist on github.

You know what, if you host everying on your server rather than github, you’ll have even more features.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

I only list games I personally play because I know how their bug tracking works. Though I agree that OpenRA is big project so would work as example of how they using issue tracker. Will check it, thanks.

Unfortunately it’s really wrong way to just upload some random logs.

Let’s say fair I just love filtering features mantis provide and I think it’s works better for it’s purposes because many of bug reports from non-advanced PC users more or less useless and pre-defined fields give such user hint how to use it while GitHub designed for advanced users only.

PS: And yeah I just don’t like when things change not when I want to so I’m fan of using everything from my own server. :wink:

Do you realize that all your arguments revolve around what you love/prefer and are subjective?

“it’s really wrong way to just upload some random logs” so you say. meh.

“Let’s say fair I just love filtering features mantis provide and I think it’s works better for it’s purposes because many of bug reports from non-advanced PC users more or less useless and pre-defined fields give such user hint how to use it while GitHub designed for advanced users only.” indeed, image the difficult of complicated and mind boggling proccess of submitting an issue on github --a no-name website; in total contrast to using the all-beloved vcmi mantis, oh my god the difference is like day and night!
in your world. so what? i love acorns, let’s reject eveything without an acorn in their logo, starting with github. i also think a game like heroes is for advanced gamers with strategical minds so let’s hide the repo behind chess quizzes.

Anyway, this ain’t going anywhere. Have a nice day. Bye.