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Few new secondary skills jsons (I didn’t include icons) for a new builds with secondary skills modding possibility.
Maybe someone will use it.


Could you tell me where to put these files to work? :confused: i havent found files similar to this one for the original skills


It’s a mod, so you can put it into Mods directory. But - as @Macron1 said - this mod is not finished - lack of graphic.
If you want to play mod with new and edited old Secondary Skills, just play with this mod.
Inside you have two new ss skills - Revenge and Firebrand.


Hi, i tried to use your program but it says that VCL50.BPL is missing and try to reinstall the program. You wrote in the instruction.doc that some extra libraries could be necessary to run the program correctly. Could you help me what can i do to make the program work? Thanks :slight_smile:


Sometime ago I got the same missing libraries. I downloaded Borland Delphi something and it helped. But it was long time ago and I don’t remember from where I got the links :confused:


I isntalled borderland delphi 5 and it seems to be working, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Is there an easy way to change the def’s colours, or do we just bluff which colours we want to change? :confused: it seems a lot of work to figure out which combination of ‘blue’-s to change to see the expected result ( i tried to make the azure dragon green, but one or two color changes literally dont do anything)

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Template to customize appearance of mage guild window. Created for Paint.Net graphics editor.