MacOS Resolution change error

Hello there!
Second day Macbook user here. I tried installing VCMI (latest build) and the the fullest Heroes 3 version without mods. I downloaded the essentials pack and if I choose any other error then 800x600 I get this message:

abort() called
terminating with uncaught exception of type std::runtime_error: Requested screen resolution is not available

Other than that, the game seems to be working ok with default resolution. Where the problem can be?

You must download and unpack in main folder VCMI essential files from here:
Pack contains additional resolutions and random maps templates

I did just that.
Before the resolution change didn’t do anything to the game but now I get this same error every time

Do you have enabled this options in launcher? image

I did but I don’t see the “Creature bonus icons”, strange I will try to copy the files again now

Double checked the copied files and here’s what I have

Something went wrong.
Andruids bonus icons, extra resolutions, default templates should be Under VCMI essential files.


I know I’m windows user, but filepath to extraResolutions directory must be such
(Heroes3VCMI is my main h3 folder)