Mac OSX 10.10 Crash on Fullscreen

Im a huge fan of HOMM3 so I was really excited to find this project that would let me run it natively on my macbook!

I followed the instructions found here: … VCMI_(OS_X to build a copy of VCMI.

After a bit of pain I was able to get it to launch however if I try selecting fullscreen the game crashes and will not launch. The only way I can get the game to start again is to go to the config file and change remove ““fullscreen” : true,” in the seetings.json file.

Any idea how I can resolve this?

OSX Crash log here:

Can you please include game logs? (“VCMI_Client_log.txt” is one we need)

Also does it crash when you press F4?

same crash happens with F4.

Here’s VCMI_Client_log.txt: