Launching the launcher

From what I read, mods are best installed via the “launcher” since 9.4. Only, where is this launcher, how do I launch it? On OS/X 10.10.5.

To answer my own question: current install instructions for OS/X do not create a launcher due to option -DENABLE_LAUNCHER=OFF. Using =ON causes build to fail due to missing cmake config for Qt5 widgets. Guess it’s currently not supported for OS/X.

Follow-up question: where can I download these mods manually? The main mod list at has no links for many of the mods.

You can successfully build it if you follow the way our CI build it:

It’s works just fine on macOS, but our packaging for Mac is broken. If you can’t try to fix it yourself then better just wait for month or two and hopefully I’ll have time to fix builds.