Launcher problems

Hello there, currently I’m getting back into HoMM3 after a long time and have begun to explore mods beyond WoG and HoTA. But upon following instructions @ and installing mod files to of course, the /mod folder I keep getting the same issue.


I’m currently wanting to mess around with towns and the Forgotten Fields mod along with some creature packs…but any mod I download does not work with the launcher. If enabled they crash on startup and in the launcher itself the mods are listed to take up 0 MBs.

I’ve searched around and…I don’t really find any fixes to this. I hope someone here will know what’s the issue because I have the creeping suspicion this is an very easy fix and it’s sitting right in my face. :s

Edit: The smaller town mods have…strangely begun to work. Forgotten Fields is still bugged, however.

For what it matters I can use the launcher just fine with things like WoG and HoTA (Which I downloaded through the launcher.)

I had the download the other mods through mediafire and other file-sharing sites.

  1. Forgotten Fields expansion and other planetavril’s mods are bad written, sometimes there are incompatibe with other mods and generate crashes. And because Forgotten Fileds mod contains duplicate towns, I advise you to disable this mod and install other, separate towns from Town section or other. And because wiki site can be editable for everyone, it is possible to get bugged mods :confused:
  2. If you using VCMI 0.99 version - some mods cause crashes. Why? Because 0.99 version is few years old. Newest vcmi version are here
    Newest version has new features, that not available in 0.99, so some mods are too new for 0.99 :stuck_out_tongue:

I strongly advise you to download daily build 03 April. It is most stable build for now.
Good luck with playing :slight_smile:

Thanks, Misiokles!

I figured to just use the latest ‘stable’ build I saw on the website. I figured trying to use the daily builds might result in a lot of errors since they /are/ daily builds…but if you say so I shall try it! Thanks again.

We trying to keep dailies stable and even if at times it’s not the case you can always revert to older one.