Launcher feedback

  • One more thing I would change in the launcher. To update a mod you have to disable it first, update it and then enable it again, which is quite irritating. Those last fixes in HotA mod are a good example. I do not see a reason why it should work like that. Is it a bug? Or is it because there are mods dependable on it?

Best soulution would be just one ‘click’ in my opinion.

Yay, more feedback! Even if it is negative :slight_smile:

Any other irritating situations or just this one? There are quite a lot of situations where you need to manually do all these changes. Fixing them all will take quite a while but fixing several most notable is definitely possible.

Will fix this one for next release I guess.

I’m on a roll :smiley:

Well if you ask :slight_smile:

  • Concerning all those buttons Update/Install/Uninstall/Disable. It is irritating to have to open mod description to see them. I would just add them permanently under the mod list and activate/deactivete them when necessary
  • While installing a mod, progress bar and an abort button appears and pushes everything up. I don’t think it is elegant, but another solution… hmmm… maybe if you made those buttons like I mentioned above, there would be more space by them to implement the bar and abort button (and hide them when not necessary)?
  • I think I liked when the mod info appearead as default while starting launcher. I would either make it appear as default (but making the launcher window a bit wider) or make the launcher remember last window settings (size and if mod info is enabled) :slight_smile:
  • The window settings are a bit inconsistent, when you start the launcher, you have the mod list (whole width), when you enable mod info, but not highlight a mod, the mod list takes ~1/3 width and mod info the rest (although it is nothing there). But when you highlight the mod, the proportions change again to ~50%/50%. Correcting those values to permanent 50%/50% or making it adjustable by the user and saving it like above?

One more:

  • An option to better mamage mods: install/uninstall/enable etc. more than one mod at the same time :slight_smile: It is irritating for example to download each separately, especially when there will be a lot of them in the future I hope :). Checkboxes would be nice :slight_smile:

I think that is all for now :slight_smile:

Those above are of course my proposals. The launcher itself is great in my opinion, but just needs some polishing :slight_smile:

Thanks. Will think about these when I’ll get back to the Launcher.

You were not supposed to be able to enable mod info without selected mod. How you’ve managed to do that? Something is not blocked somewhere?

Well, technically during mod downloading interface is NOT blocked - you can add any further downloads during this time. This was not tested extensively but it should work.

Well, there IS the arrow on the right to hide/unhide mod info, which is enabled all the time :slight_smile:

Well yeah, but when there would be for example 100 mods to download, you would have to highilght each one and click download on the other side of the window. If you go by checkboxes and arrow keys + space (or just mouse) to check/uncheck and then just to click download/enable or whatever, it would be much faster and easier. And an option to download all or check all checkboxes would also be a welcome addition to make the launcher future-proof.

I have a question concerning the launcher. On my other PC it does not seem to work correctly. When i run it on Win7 x64 everything works fine, but on WinXP it does not - the error states that it is bad Win32 application. On WIKI I cannot find if there are any prerequisites to install for it to work or if I am doing something wrong… or WinXP is not supported, though I am pretty sure it worked before :slight_smile:

Hmm, I have the same problem, and as I read, it is probably related to Qt5 library(or whatever it is), so it seems that compiling Launcher on Win7 makes it unable to execute it in older system like Win XP. But I don’t know if compiling it on Win XP should solve this problem…

What would You say for this feature: a button placed close to ‘User data directory’ field which would open that directory.

I’m not against it. This section would need some changes anyway ( )

Just curious - why you need it?

Well, I used to open that folder every time when VCMI crashed, so I could check created logs to see what happened.

I’ve edited some posts in this thread - text in green is implemented or at least was taken in account when making changes.

Non-marked propositions are not rejected - they’re still TODO.