Launch problem

Hi there!

A have a problem.
I copied everything into place, launching the launcher. When I turn on the new city mode, it’s over for loading.

What can i do?


It looks like you’re using outdated mod version. Newest version can be downloaded here
Or you’re using old 0.99 vcmi version. It’s better to install fresh daily builds.

Hi help me please vcmi does not work for me at all , can yiou guide me step by step?
Thank you

There is a faq page on the VCMI site: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - VCMI Project

Find the question “How do I install VCMI (Windows)?” and there is the answer. I did the “Cleaner way” personally.

I suggest also to look at question higher, because downloading the fine version of VCMI is the key. There is link to daily builds, and it’s the best to download the newest one probably.

Did all that nothing worked

What EXACTLY do you do when you install it?

Do your user name in your computer contains specific language characters, like ó, ś, č?
This is serious question.

And yeah, you need to explain more what’s the matter.