Known bugs

This is the list of already known bugs in VCMI 0.5x. Please don’t report them.

  • Hero placeholders (object ID 214) are not handled correctly and may cause crashes on map reading (but I don’t see any reason why anyone should place them on normal maps…)
  • Wrong creature growth’s icons in the Conflux
  • Pathfinder on bigger maps can cause lags (but since 0.53 it’s much better)
  • Sometimes there are displayed wrong town graphics on map (e.g. without fort)

We’ve found (with your help) a number of bugs in VCMI 0.54.
Current list:

  • Pandora’s Boxes with more than one artifact on RoE maps crash
  • Maps with disposed/predefined heroes may (but not must) crash
  • Maps with Transport Artifact victor condition may be handled badly / crash

All these bugs are fixed in VCMI 0.55, which also contains several minor improvements and will be released within a few days.

Thanks :slight_smile: