Json configuration for spells


It is a bug (not related to spells). Stack should not try to move if it have zero speed.


This is my first attempt to revive forgotten Fear spell in H3/VCMI

Please note, that Fear spell was planned diffirent than Azure’s Dragon ability. I try to configure it using these informations:
heroescommunity.com/viewthread.p … 6509#focus


I created new summon spell summonGenie

It’s not good how currently number of summoned creatures is checked.
If my hero has 12 spellpower, and power=1, it summons 12 genies.
It would be good enough, if it took power=120, for example, 120/40 genie hit points=3, and summoned 12 genies.
Currenlty I could not create summon devils, for example, 1 devil or another 7th level creature for each spell power is cheating.