Json configuration for spells


It is a bug (not related to spells). Stack should not try to move if it have zero speed.


This is my first attempt to revive forgotten Fear spell in H3/VCMI

Please note, that Fear spell was planned diffirent than Azure’s Dragon ability. I try to configure it using these informations:
heroescommunity.com/viewthread.p … 6509#focus


I created new summon spell summonGenie

It’s not good how currently number of summoned creatures is checked.
If my hero has 12 spellpower, and power=1 for expert level, it summons 12 genies.
It would be good enough, if it took power=120, for example, 120/40 genie hit points=3, and summoned 3 genies.
Currenlty I could not create summon devils, for example, 1 devil or another 7th level creature for each spell power is cheating.

PS It looks like power=30 in root of spell config is ignored, and only n level power is used. As I remember, in old configuration root power * spell power of herp + level power bonus gave full damage of spell.

Cathedral and 3 towns released!

Implemented. Added bool flag summonByHealth. F.e. 12 SP, 10 Level power, 40 HP => 3 creatures


Only standard h3 creaures can be summoned?
When I type

console says failed to resolve identifier…


Try full identifier (with mod id).


“id”:“hota.cove.pirate” doesn’t work either ;[


shoud be hota.cove:pirate


it works, thank you! But mod id must not contains capital letters.
For example:
“id”:“doomMod.lostsoul” - is bad
“id”:“doommod.lostsoul” - is good
Maybe it’s obvious…


It is not obvious and very confusing actually. VCMI converts mod id to lower case, but for entity identifiers lowerCamelCase is recommended.


What exactly means this summonByHealth. We should type for example in spell json?:
“flags” : {
“indifferent”: true
“summonByHealth” : true


No it is not generic “flag”, it is boolean option of the effect.

		"battleEffects" : {
			"summon" : {
				"exclusive" : true,
				"id" : "waterElemental",
				"permanent" : false,
				"type" : "core:summon",
				"summonByHealth" : true


Thanks, I’ll test!


Is there any way to summon only one creature regardless of hero’s spell power?


No it`s not.